Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Going To New York..

...and hoping to get into Katie Gallagher's show at the Tribeca Grand hotel. I dug her graduate show at school this year, interested to see where she takes it. The peacocks will be out in full force, and I intend to be quietly cooing in the undercurrents of the squawking Fashion Force. And if I see this kid 
I'll either jump him, his bones that is, or step on his asymmetric train. Probably just gape though...


  1. i'd like to think if you stepped on his train, he'd unravel like a mummy into a pile of dust. but that may just be me. <3 C

  2. i talked to some women from a boutique that sells gareth pugh and they seem to think that whole group of guys and that girl show up at shows without tickets and are really irritating, haha

  3. ha! yeah, i think they just glide through on looks alone, which makes sense with that world.